Tuesday, February 27, 2018


news of organisation changes has always been just a piece of gossip to me. it doesn't bother me the tiniest bit. however, i took such news very differently today.

i was disappointed.

disappointed with the quality and thought process of the senior management today. they probably meant it well, but, this disappointment came probably from all the bottled thoughts and sentiments over the year.

in just a year i noticed that the people who really need to have a refresher on leadership management will be our senior management, where they will be reminded of the need to look, see, listen and understand.

then again, the rotation cycle of senior management could be in a unhealthy interval to prevent instances of 'eager to perform' and 'more stringent then required KPIs' hence slogging the staff in the most unhealthy manner possible. And when staff doesn't perform to the standards, rotation of staff takes place, disregarding organisation guidelines, preference and all.

it is sad how things are like now.

we need a LKY to weed such senior management out.

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