Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Getting out of the cycle

The break today has come in very timely.

Having been in the new place for 2 days, I felt that the feeling of denial still surfaced ever so frequently. Even as I sat in the new office, I'm still looking at working on stuff in my former work role. I kept looking into my own feelings and magnified it indefinitely. It is unfair to the organisation, but I can't help.

I felt that the transfer was very untimely, and that the senior management has failed to account for required handover timing and scope. This could really have been spread out for smoother transition since it is within the control of the department head.

The transfer seemed to have also not considered the discipline of officers and there seemed to be a mismatch in this area, causing apprehension and unnecessary stress.

I'm learning to get out of this cycle, trying to brighten my emotions but it is really difficult.

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