Tuesday, May 01, 2018

morally not right?

i had lunch with my new superior the other day, and i was trying really hard to not let him have the chance to think that i'm too deep in my planning roots.

it was difficult, because of a couple of reasons.

Firstly, i didn't have a chance to talk.

okie, i had the chance to talk , but i was clear that nothing made sense to him. His always more than three sentences ahead. how did i know nothing made sense to him? He didn't stop when fired a sarcastic remark at him. Also, i verified a case with my good old mentor in planning and found that there was so much bullshit in what my new superior said.

He tried to instigate.

what?! well, he shared how rules has to be bent to deliver. i thought that was wrong. sure, rules may need to be refined and reviewed at times to improve work process. But this is procurement related issues we are talking about. It's wrong.

This place is not for me, as long as a superior like him is around. I hope he leaves soon.

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