About dreaming..

I love to blog, regardless of what happened in my boring life, I just loved blogging it down. I would look back at my old posts, and go amazed at how much I've grown.

I love to study, but I'm not some straight 'A's student. I just like the idea of having knowledge pumped into my little brain. Ironically, I dislike (hate, in fact) Examinations, and that's the period when I bitched the most. But I guess that's because I was never prepared for examinations. Boy, am I glad that I'm done with MSc.

I love to visualize and day dream when a piece of good music reaches me.

I dislike changes, but the only constant in this planet is change. The world's never perfect, gotta accept some flaws, live life to the fullest. Dare to dream, embrace changes.

And here's my dream list.
  1. Full fill my 2012 New Year Resolutions
  2. Do well in my job
  3. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando
  4. Get a new study table
  5. Pursue a new course.
Well, while I'm at this page, maybe I'll just add a little bit more about myself.


Married to wonderful Mr. Tjong :)

Works in a Statutory Board in Singapore as an Engineer (won't say which but you'll probably find out from my blog)

Studied in Gongshang Pri Sch, Tampines Sec Sch, Ngee Ann Poly and NTU

Enjoys coffee from Starbucks, good music, and videos from some American-Asian YouTubers

Loves taking pictures and have them posted on INSTAGRAM (follow me at @acciojan if you like)

Love my family and dog..!

Saying Thank You
Everything that happens everyday, regardless of good or bad, happens for a reason. I live a blessed life, for every window closed on me, there would always be a new window opened somewhere, waiting for me to discover it. This happens to everyone.
To thank the universe, the whole world, the people and God for all this, I’ve decided that I would try to update my thank yous as frequent as possible, to show my gratitude and remind myself to be grateful for whatever has happened.
Visit the thank you blog at http://acciojansaysthankyou.wordpress.com/.