I've got BAD MEMORY.

So, I started this page, to keep up with what I miss about Singapore, not just my family (Cookie included), e.g. shopping with mum.

1. Thai Food from Newton Food Centre and Yhing Thai: My office is a short walk away from the Newton Food Centre, and I really missed the Basil Chicken, Tom Yum Fried Rice, Tom Yum Soup and Fried Tung Hoon from the Thai Food store!

tom yum soup from the thai food store in Newton FC

2. Fried Omelete with Oysters, fried chicken wing, stingray, etc, etc -- bring those hawker delights on!: I saw Nick posted his picture of the fried omelete with oysters on instagram. Dang, that's mouth watering!
stingray, chicken wings, tom yum soup taken at Newton FC

3. Penang Assam Laksa from Malayan Cafe: I have been to Penang before but honestly, I have never had penang assam laksa right at its home ground. The first time I had penang assam laksa was in fact in Wanneroo, Perth. Love that spicy and sour fish soup with prawn paste!
4. Pontian noodles: How can anyone resist the yummy noodles after being away for a while?!

a picture posted on my instagram some time back. indeed, i missed these food! Penang Assam Laksa and Potian Noodles
5. Tau Huay: doesn't have to be lao ban, in fact i haven't had lao ban tau huay before, those at the neighbourhood wet market will do awesome!
Lao Ban Soya Beancurd - picture from hungry go where
6. Hawaiian pizza: strange, I didn't see hawaiian pizza on the menu in the pizza hut here in Daleville. This had explained the craving.
Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza hut (SG)!

7. Sushi: Sushi the singaporean way -- what do I even mean?? Think: Sushi Tei, Itacho Sushi
sushi tei

sushi tei

itacho sushi

sushi tei

sushi tei

sushi tei

8. Ramen: from Ippudo and Bishamon!
ramen at bishamon, a picture i taken in instagram some time back!
ramen at ippudo ramen!

9. Lunch buffet at Carousel (Royal Plaza @ Scotts): I really gotta grab Soo Bee, Wai Yee and Joycelyn there! Their desserts, creme brulee in particular, is what I'll grab off the shelves.
creme brulee at Carousel

10. Bakerzin's Bratwurst Linguine: the last time I had that was when Yun Shuang visited my house (all the way from the north west/west to the east!). We must so have that again! Balsamic vinegar FTW!
Bratwurst linguine

11. Cedele's Chilli Lime prawn aglio olio: the last time i had this was also with Yun Shuang and Da ge!  I missed the lime and lemon grass taste in this pasta!
Chilli lime prawn aglio olio

12. Sports and KTV: mandarin songs, badminton at PUBRC! The company of NTU gang who would scream into the microphone like there's no tomorrow!
JZ singing!
13. Roasted duck at Dian Xiao Er: That shi quan kao ya sauce! omg!
roast duck!

14. Sam sui chicken from San Rui Restaurant: The garlic sauce with chicken is PERFECT!
sam sui chicken!

15. Durian puffs: something i'll buy everytime I past by the stall in Takashimaya!
durian puffs

16. Tea time at Imperial Treasure Nan Bei: The black bean sauce pork ribs and lau sa pau are our must haves when my mum, bro and I visit the restaurant!
black bean sauce pork ribs

lau sau pau

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